The Gabbard Center, located in Houston Texas, is home to a multi-disciplinary team of experienced mental health clinicians who provide a 3-day outpatient psychiatric evaluation in the comfort of our offices.

We provide evaluations for anyone who is interested in a comprehensive mental health assessment to gain a better diagnostic understanding and to receive help with an individually-tailored treatment plan locally in Houston or elsewhere, nationally or internationally, where the evaluee resides. While people come to us with diverse problems, many fall into two broad categories:

1) Professionals who are in personal or professional crises; and

2) Patients 18 and older with complicated diagnostic and/or treatment problems.

The former group consists of physicians, clergy, attorneys, executives, or professional athletes, and they are often referred to us by licensing boards, physicians’ health organizations, national religious or athletic organizations, medical schools, residency training programs, professional ethics committees, church dioceses, bishops, colleagues, and hospitals.

The second group is relatively diverse and is often referred by mental health professionals and physicians who wish to have a second opinion about diagnostic and/or treatment issues. Some involve young adults who cannot seem to manage the developmental step of leaving home and becoming independent. Others are self-referred.